TAU's Story

Adding intelligence to manufacturing processes.


The first company in Tau Industrial Robotics group was founded 2008 as a technological consulting firm. As a manager of innovative r&d projects, Tau Industrial Robotics worked with research institutions and international funding agencies, supplying its customers the know how and the resources they needed to innovate their products and processes. Tau coordinated technological partners from Germany, France, Spain, Estonia, Romania, Great Britain, and worked with top European research institutions, such as Fraunhofer Institut. In the first 4 years since its inception, the company managed cumulative grant amount in excess of 10 million USD.
In 2013 the group increased its activities by founding Tautronik srl, an innovative start-up focused on thermal testing systems for semiconductors. In the following two years, the group made a strategical decision to pivot from consulting and engineering to industrialization and production and became Tau Industrial Robotics. With two assembly sites in Italy and a corporate r&d center in Russia, Tau Industrial Robotics now sells globally a range of products for the Power, Energy and Semiconductors industries. Tau Industrial Robotics is backed by professional investors with decades of experience in tech start up and technology ventures.


Production Facilities


   Italy - Piedmont

Tau's precision mechanics and electric engineering production facilities are located in the manufacturing heart of Italy, close to the city of Turin. Tau specialists focus on design, assembly, system integration and commissioning of complex machines. Through a tightly integrated supply chain Tau has direct access to production facilities with expertise ranging from aerospace to pharmaceutical, industrial controls and automotive.


   Italy - Trentino

Tau designs and develops in-house all of its critical control and testing electronics. The office responsible for electronics design and development is based in the northernmost region of Italy. Strategically located in a high-tech companies cluster, Trento office has a direct access to one of the best technical universities in Europe (UniTrento) and plays a crucial role in the recruiting of new talents for Tau group.



Tau's r&d and chemistry departments are located in Moscow, while serial production facilities are based in the northern region of Russia. Tau specialists work on r&d process optimization, efficiency and validation of new products in Skolkovo, which has been named “Russia’s Silicon Valley” and benefits from extensive support from the Russian Government, which includes access to state of the art research facilities.


R&D Partnership

Tau Industrial robotics cooperates extensively and regularly with top institutions in Europe and Russia. Current partners include Europe’s largest industrial research institution, Fraunhofer Institute, in the framework of a multinational effort to double the worldwide supply of rare earth metals through the implementation of new, advanced robotized techniques (www.adir.eu)
Past projects included the invention and industrialization of new processes for the semiconductor, electronics, wire and cables industries, bringing significant improvements compared to state of the art technologies (productivity, quality, scrap reduction KPIs increased by more than 20%) and creating additional revenues for involved partners in excess of 30m usd annually.