TAU's Why

A Vision to become a leading Industrial Robotics company.

Our automated systems are used around the clock to manage and control critical applications, ranging from production of electric motors to microelectronic devices. Our customers rely on us to achieve unprecedented levels of precision, efficiency and quality.

Manufacturing is a challenging business. From raw materials to production lines and finished products, every phase involves energy, resources, transformation processes, control and automation. The human factor is present in every step of the chain.



Power Energy


With our technologies, we create and bring to work new artificial eyes, hands, and brains. We help our customers to see what was hidden, to operate at a new level of accuracy, to save money and to increase efficiency. Our vision is to be the best company at it, globally.



Power Energy


Tre Tau's mission is to develop and implement new generation technologies, capable of accelerating the transiction to the Factory of the Future (FoF). We help our customers building a world where all processes work at their full potential and no resources are wasted unnecessarily, for the benefit of our customers.