DryCycle© is a completely solvent-free process for the enamelling of wires and cables. In other words, it's the future of enamelling.

Eliminating solvents in the cycle has been a long time goal of the wire and cable industry, that we achieved through a mix of precision mechanics, automation, chemistry and advanced algorythmics.

Dry Cycle highlights

100% solvent free coating process

Increases process efficiency up to 70%

Satisfies or exceeds traditional coating performances

Can be switched on and off in a matter of minutes

Can be used with multiple enamels

VOC free, environmentally compliant

Tau Industrial Robotics is a world leader in enameling technologies. Our expertise covers the entire manufacturing process of insulated wire, from coating to curing, from the chemistry of insulating enamels to final product quality control. Our patented solvent free enamelling technology can be used to coat wires of all shapes and dimensions, with a range of proprietary and off the shelf coatings. Solvent free enamelling reduces transformation costs up to 50% compared to traditional technology, increasing energy efficiency by up to 80%.