Tau Industrial Robotics developed NIRWIM, a quantitative analysis sensor that can screen and diagnose in a matter of seconds uncured or overcured insulations, on 100% of the production. Our artificial intelligence tool, coupled with specifically developed sensors and optics, is the first in the world to give an accurate, real time and non-destructive reading that can be easily and continuously exported from the production floor to the plant management system.

NIRWIM highlights

In-line enamelled wire polymerization testing, 100% of the time, on 100% of the wire

AI algorythmics, constantly updated

Works with all coating types (PE, PEI, PU, PVF,Acrylates, PI…)

Full remote support through VPN at customers' request

Applied on all types of wires (diameters and forms)

Scrap reduction up to 90%

Real-time reading (few seconds for each measurement)

Detects chemical deterioration over time (ageing, defects in chemical composition etc)

Our expertise in enamelling technologies covers the entire insulation process, from coating to curing, from the chemistry of insulating enamels to final product quality control. Producers of electric equipment use our technology to monitor curing levels in real-time, with a contact-less spectral analysis tool that finally makes simple, precise and non destructive control a reality.