Thermo Touch

Thermo Touch is the first multi-temp, ultrafast, nitrogen less solution that can be integrated in a single, compact handling station.

Thermo Touch highlights

A single station for full automotive testing temperatures (range from -40 up to 150C)

Dynamic, multi-temperature testing in a single device loading cycle, with fully configurable temperature transition times

Unparalleled transition times (up to 30C/s)

Handling up to 10.000 UPH with multi-temperature in a single site

Unprecedented precision and contained temperature drift (less than 0.1C)

Proven reliability over time (mean time between scheduled maintenance > 200.000 temp cycles)

Tau Industrial Robotics has a decade long experience in semiconductor manufacturing technologies, including dynamic temperature testing platforms for development and production of microelectronic devices. We offer to our customers a full range of temperature testing solutions to calibrate devices in various conditions, dynamically and up to automotive temperature ranges, bringing productivity of thermal calibration and testing to a whole new level.