Urban Mining

Tau Industrial Robotics is one of the partners and Intellectual Property coordinator in the EU funded ADIR project, a Fraunhofer led effort to develop a new platform capable to recover precious metals and rare earth materials with unseen before efficiency. The project is now in r&d phase, more information is available on and on the websites of our partners. As a technology contributor to the project, Tau's work is focused on the mechatronics and algorythmics of RoboMiner, the robotic platform that will perform the physical waste recovery task.

Urban Mining highlights

Disassembly, identification and waste recovery in a single integrated industrial solution

AI integration for chemical analysis and recovery target identification

Combination of different disassembly techniques for optimized recovered-to-waste ratio

Compatibility with a broad spectrum of e-waste (PCBs, mobiles, server racks...)

Automated, effective recovery of electronic waste is one of the toughest and most fascinating technological challenges of the 21st century. Tau Industrial Robotics is engaged in a multinational, continental effort on recovery of rare earth and precious metals from electronic waste. We are developing jointly with global partners a new generation technology that will shape the future of electronic waste industry.