Startup Village 31 may - 1 june 2018

Startup Village is the most large-scale startup conference in Russia and the CIS countries for technology entrepreneurs, organized by the Skolkovo Foundation in collaboration with the Foundation’s partners.

Startup Village is unique platform where startup founders and innovators meet successful entrepreneurs, investors, large technology corporations, and representatives of city administration to discuss technological trends, ideas, and the nurturing of the next generation of Russian entrepreneurs. This global event annually brings together thousands of participants from all over the world. Startup Village has a remarkably inclusive and vibrant atmosphere: no division into guests and VIP guests, no closed sessions, no restricted areas, no dress code. In 2018, the conference will be held for the sixth time.

Tau Industrial Robotics opens a new mechanical production facility

Aiming at further reducing production and delivery times, Tau Industrial Robotics is glad to announce that its new mechanical production facility opened this week in Italy. With a CNC 3 axis mill, hand operated turning machine and support tools for engraving, cutting and metal bending, Tau Industrial Robotics is now able to vertically produce the most sensitive mechanical parts of its products, guaranteeing to all of its customers superior quality and timely delivery.

Critical milestone of Adir Urban Mining project reached

ADIR consortium reached today a critical milestone of the Urban Mining joint research project. While technical details remain confidential, it is now confirmed that one of the most critical technical challenges of the project, e-waste selective disassembly from PCB boards, was carried out successfully. Tau Industrial Robotics is fully committed in ADIR, working with all partners to reshape the electronics waste industry with a tenfold increase in precious elements recovery efficiency.

New partnership signed for DryCycle enamelling of copper wire

Tau Industrial Robotics finalized a deal, the exact details of which are undislosed, with a leading Russian producer of insulated copper wire for the integration of Tau's coating technology in the near future. The project will see both companies interact to develop jointly new insulated products (wires and cables) insulated with Tau revolutionary DryCycle technology. More details are available in the restricted area of the website.

The first DryCycle steel wire plant is now operational

Severstal, the Russian steel giant company, started this month the production of enamelled steel wire using DryCycle technology. Integrating Tau Industrial Robotics technology, Severstal became the first lacquered steel wire producer in Russia, and is now aiming at becoming a dominant player in the domestic market. Tau and Severstal are currently discussing the terms for a joint development partnership focused on new products and exporting coated wire to Europe and Asia. The flexibility of DryCycle technology makes it applicable to a wide range of products (from staples to springs, fencing, gabions), and is an ideal tool to integrate and add value to Severstal large selection of wire products.

NIRWiM system delivered to Elantas, leader in enamels production

Tau Industrial Robotics delivered today the first NIRWiM unit to Elantas (Altana group), in a joint development effort aimed at optimizing the quality monitoring process of enamels right after the production phase.

With a NIRWiM system installed on the primary insulation enamel testing lines, Elantas is now able to get real/time feedback on the polymerization response of its enamels.

The implementation of NIRWiM system in Ascoli plant, the largest of its kind in Europe, is part of a joint development effort carried on by both companies aimed at improving quality verification methods on the entire spectrum of insulating polymers.

Superior Essex installs intelligent monitoring on wire production lines

Superior Essex, a leading North American and European producer of enamelled copper wire, received in December 2016 two NIRWiM systems for real-time quality control of its production. The two systems were installed in Fort Wayne, US, and Bad Arolsen, Germany. Tau Industrial Robotics specialists worked together with the quality offices in both plants to ensure a smooth integration of NIRWiM systems on the production floor. Both systems were successfully commissioned in less than a week, including training of operators that will use them 24/7.

LILIT joint development partnership signed

Elantas Europe s.r.l., part of Altana group, signed a MoU with Tau Industrial Robotics for the joint development of real-time polymerization analysis platform of secondary insulation enamels. Aim of the partnership is to develop a dedicated version of the LILIT platform optimized for use with Elantas made secondary insulation enamels. Thanks to this partnership, Tau engineers will generate a comprehensive chemometric database which will be pre-loaded on LILIT systems as an option, and that can be regularly updated remotely. This will significantly reduce on-site system training and calibration for all customers using Elantas secondary insulation products, further simplifying the commissioning process. With a full pre-loaded database, LILIT system guarantees the integrity of the quality chain from the enamel to the finished electric equipment.